Tart Deco #709

Essie nail shines run about $6 each at the professional salons for 1.5ml (.5oz) and it is a deal at that cost. The Essie website details them at $8 each. I would love to pay that if I didn’t know I could get it less costly elsewhere. This Tart Deco #709 nail gloss is so value it.

The primary factor is that the Essie gloss goes on oh so sleek. I have knowledgeable no streaking or operating with any of my buys. Two layers are all it requires for a completely even shade.

Blow drying time is on par with all other shines at about 10-15 moments if you don’t use a drying broker on top of it.

The only gloss I have discovered that cures quicker in Nivea’s Sea Create Nail cutting range, but you’ll pay twice as much for it, too.

As far as lastibility goes, Essie will last me a week’s time before it begins to processor… even a longer period with an excellent obvious top cover. That is awesome. The less costly shines are fortunate to last 2-3 times.

Another aspect which delivers Essie above the competitors is breathability. Some shines just experience like they are covering your nails. Not so with this one. I can hardly even experience it is there. Nice, that.

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