Sorrento In Shiny Gunmetal Frames With 555NM Lenses

Strong, confident design with absolutely no bargain. This single link shape is packed with Serengeti’s trademark photo chromic technological innovation, high-definition Spectral Control and with premium polarization options.

This glass contact provides the best view possible in a sunglasses contact and all technological innovation is included within the contact so it never would wear off or would wear out.

The exclusive S-Flex shape design sets safely and perfectly on your face. Tinted contacts with transmittances below these values may provide visitors alerts undetected at a reasonably safe stopping distance and are not recommended for daylight driving.

At their pitch-dark tint, most Serengeti eyewear decrease lighting indication by 8 to 14%. Sunglasses should not be worn in the evening. Light stages in the evening are critical to good perspective.

The Serengeti Sorrento eyewear only reduce to 20% to 46% lighting indication, except for the non-photo chromic contact that remains at 10%.l At these lighting transmittance, decreased perspective can occur in the evening or in low lighting stages.

A spectal management contact filtration red lighting. Blue lighting is always annoying and will bring cloud. By filtration this out, the problem is gone, which improves your protection on the road with Sorrento.

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