Jaipur Gemstone Necklace By Marco Bicego

“Hand-made, artisanal, completely partial,” says Bicego of the cosmetic behind his developed workmanship.

“Those are the tenets at the heart of the Marco Bicego Company and they are demonstrated in each item of bracelets I style.

”Neiman Marcus first uncovered Bicego’s work in 2007, and our newest unique cooperation with the company is the Precious rock Jaipur Weblink Selection.

The motivation behind the gathering facilities around one of Bicego’s favorite holiday locations, the Native indian city of Jaipur.

The desert-like area was initially created as a capital for vips, but today attracts bracelets creators from very far because of the gem industry and the centuries-old art of rock reducing, a modus operandi that is still used personally by its merchants.

Each item in the Precious rock Jaipur Weblink Selection is created of 18kt gold found from Vicenza, Tuscany that is completed Bicego’s trademark hand-etched strategy.

The name link, in the collection’s name, sources the sensitive cycle that enraptures the interweaving jewelry appeared with diamond lead.

“When I am developing I have in mind a Neiman Marcus customer—a powerful, exciting and lively lady.”

“Due to this outstanding budget, the passions rates have of course improved and Marco Bicego was gently impacted but fortunately enough we have a healthy organization and our connections with the financial institutions are excellent,” says Bicego.

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