Where Is Feitan’S Spider Tattoo?

In the 2011 anime series Hunter x Hunter, Feitan’s spider tattoo is located on his left cheek. The exact meaning of the tattoo is unknown, but it may represent strength, power, or ferocity.

We all know Feitan is one of the most badass members of the Phantom Troupe, but have you ever wondered about his spider tattoo? Where is it located on his body? There are many theories out there, but the most popular one is that Feitan’s spider tattoo is located on his right buttock.

This makes sense, as it would be hidden from view most of the time and would only be revealed when he was in a fighting stance or when he was taking off his pants (which he often does). What do you think? Where is Feitan’s spider tattoo located?

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Where Do the Phantom Troupe Have Their Tattoo?

The Phantom Troupe is a group of criminals in the anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter. They are distinguished by the tattoos on their backs, which they all have in different places. The most common place for the tattoo is around the right shoulder blade, but some members have it in other places, such as on the left side of the chest or on the back of the neck.

It is unknown why they have these tattoos or what they represent.

Who Has the Number 1 Tattoo in the Phantom Troupe?

The answer to this question is a bit of a mystery! The Phantom Troupe is a group of highly skilled assassins and criminals who are known for their intricate and often large tattoos. It is believed that the person with the number 1 tattoo in the Phantom Troupe is the leader of the group, but no one knows for sure.

What we do know is that whoever has this tattoo is extremely powerful and dangerous. So if you’re ever lucky enough to see it, be sure to stay far away!

Where is Chrollo’S Spider Tattoo Located?

Chrollo’s spider tattoo is located on his left arm, just below the shoulder. The design is a black spider with red eyes and eight legs. The tattoo is said to be cursed, and anyone who sees it will be immediately paralyzed with fear.

Chrollo got the tattoo when he was just a teenager, and it has been with him ever since.

Where is Shizuku’S Spider Tattoo Located?

In the anime and manga series, Shizuku’s spider tattoo is located on her right thigh. The significance of the tattoo is unknown, but it is likely that it has some personal meaning to her.

Feitan Phantom Troupe

The Phantom Troupe is a vigilante group in the manga and anime series Hunter × Hunter. The group is composed of thirteen skilled thieves who specialize in assassination, kidnapping, extortion, terrorism, and torture. They are currently the strongest organization in the world.

The Phantom Troupe was formed by Chrollo Lucilfer after he killed all the members of the original troupe that he was part of. The new troupe consists of: Franklin Bordeaux, Machi Komacine, Nobunaga Hazama, Paku Romario, Phinks Magcubail, Feitan Portorico, Shalnark Lucilfer, Shizuku Sangaku , Bonolenov Ndongoze , Franklin Bordeaux’s twin sister Zeno Zoldyck , Kalluto Zoldyck , and Hisoka Morow.


In the world of “Hunter x Hunter,” there are many mysteries, and one of the biggest is the location of Feitan’s spider tattoo. In the manga, Feitan is shown to have a large spider tattoo on his back, but its exact location is never revealed. Some fans have speculated that it may be on his left shoulder blade, while others believe it could be on his right hip.

However, we may never know for sure where Feitan’s spider tattoo is located.