Lana Rhoades Tattoos & Their Meanings [2024 Updated]

In the past, Lana Rhoades has been regarded as one of the most controversial tattoo artists in the industry. This is because her tattoos have often been seen as provocative and controversial, and have often been regarded as “tasteless.”

But, after talking to her, we learned that this perception about her is greatly inaccurate. Her view of tattoos is far more positive than people had given her credit.

To the outside observer, Lana Rhoades’ tattoos may not seem to be much of a statement at all. After all, they’re just words on her skin. But to Rhoades, the words are something much more.

In Rhoades’ own words, she has “always loved words,” which is why she gave herself a tattoo of “Live to Love” on the inside of her left wrist.

The phrase, which she shares with her mother, was Rhoades’ motto growing up. “That was a quote that was always instilled in me,” she says. “And it’s still important to me.”

Top Lana Rhoades Tattoos & Their Meanings 2024

1. A ‘Dragon’ Tattoo

Lana Rhoades Tattoos 1

2. Two ‘Hearts’ Tattoo On Back Side

Lana Rhoades Tattoos

3. ‘Arabic Language’ Tattoo On Left Thigh

Lana Rhoades Tattoos

4. Hearts Tattoo on Right Hip

This tattoo of hearts on Lana Rhoades’ right hip symbolizes true love, emotions, feelings, passion, and courage. This tattoo reflects deep emotional significance and is a common motif in tattoo art to represent personal sentiments and deep connections.


What is the meaning behind Lana Rhoades’ heart tattoo?

Lana Rhoades’ heart tattoo is a tribute to her father who passed away. The heart tattoo symbolizes true love, emotions, feelings, passion, and courage.

What is the controversy surrounding Lana Rhoades’ tattoos?

The controversy surrounding Lana Rhoades’ tattoos primarily revolves around the public’s perception and memory of them, as highlighted by a discussion on Reddit related to the Mandela Effect. Some individuals remembered her having tattoos of cherries on her buttocks, while in reality, they were two hearts and a name.

This discrepancy led to discussions and confusion, illustrating how public memory can differ from fact. Additionally, Lana Rhoades has talked about getting some of her tattoos removed, including an Arabic tattoo and a “John” tattoo, but notably decided to keep the hearts tattoo, which she compares to a significant personal symbol like Michael Jordan’s number.

This decision to remove certain tattoos but keep others may also contribute to the public intrigue and controversy surrounding her body art.

What is the story behind Lana Rhoades’ dragon tattoo?

Lana Rhoades’ dragon tattoo, located on the right side of her back, symbolizes power, authority, protection, wisdom, knowledge, and freedom. These attributes are commonly associated with dragon imagery in various cultures, representing strength and a commanding presence.