How Bad Do Behind The Ear Tattoos Hurt?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as pain tolerance varies greatly from person to person. That being said, behind the ear tattoos are generally considered to be relatively low on the pain scale when compared to other areas of the body. This is because the skin in this area is fairly thin and there isn’t a lot of muscle or bone beneath it.

So while everyone experiences pain differently, chances are that a behind the ear tattoo won’t be too painful.

If you’re considering a behind the ear tattoo, you might be wondering how bad they hurt. The truth is, everyone experiences pain differently, so it’s hard to say for sure. However, most people report that behind the ear tattoos are relatively painless.

The area behind the ear is fairly fleshy, which helps cushion the needle as it pierces your skin. Additionally, the skin in this area is thinner than other parts of the body, meaning the tattoo will heal quickly and with minimal discomfort. Of course, no one can guarantee that you won’t feel any pain at all – but if you’re worried about it, rest assured that behind the ear tattoos aren’t usually too painful.

How Bad Do Behind The Ear Tattoos Hurt?


-How Long Does a behind the Ear Tattoo Take to Heal

A behind the ear tattoo usually takes around 2-4 weeks to heal. However, it is important to note that everyone heals at different rates, so some people may experience healing times that are shorter or longer than this. Additionally, aftercare is very important in ensuring that your tattoo heals properly.

Be sure to follow your artist’s instructions and clean your tattoo regularly with a mild soap and water solution.

Why Are Getting Tattoos Behind The Ear So Painful?

Tattoos behind the Ear Pros And Cons

If you’re considering a tattoo behind the ear, there are a few things you should know. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of this type of tattoo: Pros:

-A tattoo behind the ear can be easily hidden if need be. This is ideal for those who want a tattoo but don’t want it to be visible all the time. -This location is also relatively painless compared to other areas on the body.

So if you’re not good with pain, this may be a good option for you. Cons: -However, because this area is so small, it can be difficult to get a detailed tattoo here.

If you’re looking for something intricate, you may want to consider another location.


A behind the ear tattoo is not as bad as one might think. The person getting the tattoo will feel a little pressure and some vibrations, but it should not be too painful.

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