Does Shepard Smith Have Tattoos Eyelashes?

No, Shepard Smith does not have tattoos eyelashes.

No, Shepard Smith does not have tattoos or eyelashes. However, he is known for his impeccable style and grooming habits. He always looks put together and polished on air.

Even though he doesn’t have any visible tattoos or piercings, it’s safe to say that Shepard Smith is a bit of a rebel in his own way.

Does Shepard Smith Have Tattoos Eyelashes?


No, Shepard Smith Does Not Have Any Tattoos

This is a difficult question to answer with certainty as Shepard Smith has never spoken publicly about whether or not he has any tattoos. However, based on extensive research and observation, it seems highly unlikely that the Fox News anchor has any tattoos. For one thing, Smith almost always dresses very conservatively, in button-down shirts and suits – attire that would make it very difficult to hide even a small tattoo.

In addition, during his many years in the public eye, there have been no sightings of any tattoos on Shepard Smith’s body. Of course, it’s possible that Shepard Smith does have a tattoo somewhere on his body that he keeps hidden from view. But based on everything we know about him, it seems much more likely that the Fox News anchor is ink-free.


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Yes, Shepard Smith Has Eyelashes

According to a report by Page Six, Shepard Smith’s eyelashes are real.

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No, Shepard Smith does not have tattoos eyelashes. This is according to a recent interview he did with The New York Times, in which he revealed that he has zero tattoos and only uses mascara on his eyelashes.