Does Niall Horan Have Tattoos?

No, Niall Horan does not have any tattoos.

No one knows for sure whether Niall Horan has any tattoos or not. The One Direction heartthrob has never been one to show off his body, so any ink he may have is likely hidden away from the public eye. That said, there are a few fan theories out there about potential tattoos that Niall may have.

Some believe that Niall has a small tattoo of a shamrock on his right wrist, in honor of his Irish heritage. Others think that he might have a music note tattooed somewhere on his body, as he’s known to be quite the talented musician. And then there are those who believe that Niall’s favorite phrase “Treat people with kindness” is actually etched onto his skin somewhere.

Of course, until Niall decides to show off his body (if he even has any tattoos at all), we’ll just have to speculate about what might be hiding under those clothes!

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Why Doesn’T Niall Horan Have Tattoos

As far as we can tell, Niall Horan doesn’t have any tattoos – and there’s a few reasons why that might be the case. For one, he’s only 22 years old, so he may simply not have gotten around to getting inked yet. Additionally, Horan is pretty clean-cut and boy-next-doorish, so tattoos might not really fit his image.

Finally, it’s possible that Horan simply doesn’t like the pain associated with getting a tattoo!

Does Niall Horan Have Tattoos?


Who was the First One Direction Member to Get a Tattoo?

The first One Direction member to get a tattoo was Louis Tomlinson. He got his first tattoo in 2012, just before the release of the band’s debut album Up All Night. The tattoo is of a ship on his left forearm and was done by artist Kat von D.

How Many Tattoos Does Harry Styles Have?

As of May 2019, Harry Styles has 40 tattoos.

Which One Direction Members Have the Same Tattoo?

Since the formation of One Direction in 2010, the band members have each gotten a number of tattoos. And while some are more unique than others, there are actually quite a few that multiple members have. Hereโ€™s a look at which One Direction members have the same tattoo:

Harry Styles and Liam Payne both have a small black star on their left wrist. This was one of the first tattoos that they got together and is meant to symbolize their friendship. Louis Tomlinson also has this tattoo, but he has it on his right wrist instead.

Niall Horan has a shamrock tattoo on his left forearm, which he got in honor of his Irish heritage. Zayn Malik also has this tattoo, although his is located on his right forearm. All five members of One Direction have the letters โ€œ1Dโ€ somewhere on their bodies.

Harry Styles has his behind his left ear, Liam Payne has his on his right ankle, Louis Tomlinson has his on his left hand, Niall Horan has his on the inside of his right bicep, and Zayn Malik has his on the back of his neck.

Do Harry And Louis Have Matching Tattoos?

Harry and Louis got matching tattoos in 2013, just a few months after One Direction formed. The tattoo is of a small blackbird flying near the base of their right index fingers. According to Harry, the bird is a swallow, which is a traditional maritime tattoo symbolizing good luck (since sailors used to get them before embarking on long voyages).

Some fans have speculated that the tattoo may also be a reference to the song “Blackbird” by The Beatles, which is one of Harry and Louis’ favorite bands.


No, Niall Horan does not have any tattoos.