Adam Levine Tattoos & Their Meanings

Levine, the tenor-to-falsetto Maroon 5 frontman, has allowed us in on his tattoos by whipping his shirt off at various public occasions. Keep reading for insights and details into just how his body art evolved with the years, as well as across virtually 30 pieces of ink.

Adam Levine is the ultimate California Brother of the brand-new millennium. After a quick flop with his first band, he developed Maroon 5 in 2001 and released the extremely popular Songs Concerning Jane the list below year.

Maroon 5 and its lead singer have taken place to gain multiple Grammy’s, American Songs Honors, Individuals’ Option Awards, Teenager Choice Awards, Signboard Songs Awards, and a prominent Wold Songs Honor back in 2004.

Levine likewise headlined the Super Dish LIII halftime show during 2019. Levine’s shirtless performance with superstar rapper Huge Boi leaving doubters divided, Twitter on fire, as well as telephone switchboard throughout the US, brightened, bringing back memories of Janet Jackson’s nipple area entrance.

Adam Levine Tattoos

Love Tattoos – Various Placements

Adam Love Tattoos

Levine has Noah Levine– his middle and also surnames, tattooed on his ribcage. His wife Behati Prinsloo, a previous Victoria’s Secret design, obviously healed the vocalist of his “no hands” tattoo rule, for he currently sports “True Love” throughout his knuckles.

There’s likewise a pleasant flower engraved at the base of his left thumb. The couple also got coordinating quotes from the cult classic movie Real Romance. Levine’s quote (they both review “you’re so great” 3 times over) is inside his right bicep, while Prinsloo’s gets on her left ribcage.

On Levine’s upper body and also left pec, he sporting activities a traditional gypsy-carnival style hand holding a rose; the hand sports an additional “true love” declaration. Near the hand is a stunning winged cherub and close by are Old English letters which appear to be the initials of his daughter, called Dusty Rose.

Cherry Blossoms – Doves – Left Arm Sleeve

Cherry Blossoms Tattos

Reported to be Levine’s first tattoo, the elaborately attractive piece of blackwork adorning his left arm was a memorial item in reaction to the catastrophes of 9/11.

However, the vocalist wanted something peaceful, and the ink doesn’t come even more tranquil than doves and blossoms! The style extends right into a sleeve down to Levine’s wrist from his shoulder.

Sunflower Tattoos – Right Arm Sleeve

Sunflower Tattoos

When an embellished sunflower– called a cabbage by a negative Twitter customer– on Levine’s right shoulder and right chest, this tattoo has morphed and established throughout the years into a complete sleeve.

It is currently sporting activities an eye in the center, and the location has been thoroughly contributed to creating an intricately thorough blackwork sleeve.

Levine left his wonderful, old-school “Mom” tattoo front and center on his right lower arm in constructing the sleeve.

The sleeve also encompasses a standard Tibetan tiger– influenced by a publication of Tibetan drawings that caught Levine’s eye– bending at Levine’s joint.

Middle & Last Name Tattoos

Sacred Heart & Flower Tattos – Neck

Sacred Heart Flower Tattos

On the right side of Levine’s neck, the Sacred Heart is tough to miss. Performed in blackwork like every one of the vocalist’s tattoos, this elaborately comprehensive job represents the Spiritual Heart of Jesus.

It is ringed with a crown of thorns, pierced with a sword, flaming, and surrounded by a halo-like light spear. Finally, a remarkably fragile flower is inked on the left side of his neck.

Although used in pure blackwork, it fits in magnificently with the rest of his items. It’s theorized to be a Golden Poppy– the state flower of The golden state.

Sanskrit Script Tattoos

Los Angeles Tattoos – Abdomen & Shoulder


Levine has had “Los Angeles” tattooed on his shoulder for several years in tribute to his birthplace, provided in a crisp, traditional manuscript. In addition, he recently included a large, strong standard curved “The golden state” on his stomach.

Shark & Eagle Tattoos – Torso

Numbers 222 – Left Arm

Numbers 222 tattos

Levine has the number 222 tattooed on his left internal bicep. This was the variety of the workshop in which Maroon 5 was first recorded. Higher up, nearly in the singer’s underarm location, is the roman numeral X, honoring Maroon 5’s tenth wedding anniversary.